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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And we called her - Fertyle Myrtle

Alas, after we got hitched, we actually started talking more seriously about having kids. It was 1994 and Kandy was sure that this was something we could do. I, on the other hand, reserved judgement. I was 39, and not really feeling like this was good life-timing on our part. Kandy, being 2 years younger, felt young enough for the challenge.

At the time, we were attending St. Francis Lutheran Church in San Francisco. It has a predominately gay congregation. Phyllis Zilhart and her partner Ruth were pastors who had had a child of their own with two men who were in partnership as well. Through them we came up with the idea of starting a monthly group of women who were thinking about what it would take to have children. None of us was very young - there were three childless couples and Phyllis and Ruth. It was through this group that I became more comfortable with the idea of having and raising kidlets.

By the late winter we forged ahead and made an appointment at Pacific Reproductive Services in downtown San Francisco. At that time they didn't have all the nifty little services that they have today. It was pretty basic. If you want a "Willing-to-be-Known" donor, at that time you couldn't see a picture, nor were audio interviews available, like there are today. They would tell us what a particular donor looked like, we'd get a written history, and to me it seemed a bit sterile. I guess that's okay. At the time, it just was a bit wierd.

We selected a donor who had a similar Romanian family history to mine, except his family also included a Sicilian lineage as well as Romanian. When we asked what he looked like, they told us he was very handsome and had beautiful blue eyes. His paper description described him as very athletic and tall.

So early Spring of 1995 we scheduled 2 vials of sperm - one we could do at home, and to hedge our bet, one to do in IVF.

Well, Kandy knew in a few days that all systems were Go! She was pregnant! First try.

Never in my life could I have envisioned what the next 10 months would bring to our lives.

Fertile Myrtle, that's my woman!

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Wow, pregnanat at the first go. That's amazing. I know all about the next ten months.

So what did she crave? I always wanted Klondike bars and red beans and rice.

By Blogger Elizabeth, at 6/21/2006 9:35 PM  

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